Who We Are

We are a small team of about three to four consistent members, and our mission is to preserve Code Lyoko in the best quality possible so that all fans can come together right now over Code Lyoko and enjoy it for what it was. With the usage of deep-learning algorithms and cold hard sweat, we will bring you the finest premium USDA-approved viewing experience for Code Lyoko you’ve ever laid eyes on, with all the fixings; subtitles, multiple audio tracks, as well as bonus features.

Jokes aside, this project was originally created by Christian77777 in late March of 2017 to try and improve Code Lyoko in ways not yet seen. This quickly snowballed into a group effort when Christian asked for help from Alex Thurman who had access to higher-end hardware that would quicken the process of improving the video quality and then accordingly enlisted the help of Foboh and other stragglers from the Code Lyoko Subreddit in order to make a full set of transcripts + subtitles for the whole original series. A humble but determined group of subtitlers and programmers gathered, and from the comotion and clatter, the Foxtrot Fanatics was formed, only rivaled by the notorious amateur French band from Kadic: the Pop-Rock Progressives.

What We Do

Our project is a combination of two sub-projects combined to make the Foxtrot Fanatics

Upscaling Project

Locating high quality source (PAL 576i 25 FPS 4:3 Aspect)

Developing the FoxTrot Upscaler and the Foxtrot ReporterBot

Upscaling source (PAL 1440p 25 FPS 4:3 Aspect)

Muxing the audio and subtitles with the completed renders

Transcription Project

Recording spoken dialogue and sound effects

Creating colored outlines for each recurring character

Producing '.ASS' formatted subtitles (for '.MKV' videos)

Producing '.SMI' formated subtitles (for YouTube)

Audio Languages Included:





Subtitles Languages Included:



(Seeking help for French)

Our Plan:

All of this will be done on the original episodes, from episode 1 to episode 95 as well as the two prequel episodes, and possibly a select few other videos at the discretion and will of the team

We will not be performing any work on any other CL works, namely Evolution.

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Our work was previously hosted on The Code Lyoko Archives, but has since been shut down.

Read our official statement below for more info:
Statement on TCLA

Check Out Our Repository

After a year of prolonged work, we're finally making the software we used to upscale fully open source and available.

Both the client and the server ends of the software are under GPL 3.0 License, so feel free to submit issues, pull requests, fork the repo and make your own offshoot, or what have you.

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